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Sep 7, 2012 8:30pm PDT
, the mayor gets it done. gooa round of applause for our e chief's wife. you look terrific. do we have sydney close five? -- close by. we will pass the microphone to the mayor for a couple of quick words. we have a fire chief and the police chief. >> good morning, everyone. 106 years since our earthquake. we do have a grandson? she was with us in 2009. goopublic works is here. this reminds us of the 3000 people but passed away in 1906 from the devastating earthquake, but the rebirth of our city is with us. i have been in all of these other positions where we are always prepared. and we are already engaged in recovery efforts. we were there with a whole staff. we have six we assure you that when the next big event happens, that water system will be there for us to deliver water with that 24 hours. a huge change from depending on this fountain. we are handing it off to generations of youth in the city to understand -- make sure they're prepared. go to our website, it tells you all the things there. iti is about having those items prepared.w we will survive. that is how we get ready and celebrat
Sep 14, 2012 6:00am PDT
sydney. >> reporter: japanese and australian personnel have worked together before. they trained over the summer in hawaii to practice clearing mines. it's the kind of thing they think they can do more of. u.s. president barack obama has changed strategy with a new focus on the asia pacific region. security analysts say he has got his eye on the increasing military presence of china. japanese and australian personnel have responded by reinforcing cooperation. they want maintain stability in the region. so they've agreed to work together on things like peacekeeping operations and disaster relief. >> translator: the security situation in the asia-pacific region has changed. we've succeeded in achieving common vision. >> this two plus two meeting, the governments of australia and japan, have reaffirmed a commitment to strengthening these partnerships. >> reporter: the ministers discussed how to supply japan's defense forces and australian defense force. the two sides reached an agreement two years ago on how to support personnel when working together. but japanese lawmakers haven't appro
Sep 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
background and now call australia home. this is the annual celebration of australian-asian ancestry in sydney. >> being in australia, i feel indian, but in india i feel australian. i am fortunate to have the best of both worlds? >> this marketing in sydney is an example of the growing focus. a company run by the hong kong born [unintelligible] >> at i am very proud chinese, going back to hong kong and china once a year, i do consider myself australian and chinese at the same time. >> half of all the agents in australia are under 20. they can find conflict with their first generation parents, whose heart, if not their head, remains in their homeland. it has been nearly 40 years since they abolished the pro- white policy here. and now they have talked about this as the asian century, and it is. 20% of all doctors here are indian. 30% of asian people take part in an organized sport. by nearly every measure, asians are a model of assimilation. >> this is "gmt." from "bbc world news." france has granted the injunction banning further syndication and redistribution of photographs showing the duches
Sep 25, 2012 4:25am EDT
creatures without getting your feet wet. >>> so you can get up close with sea creatures. the sydney sea life aquarium just finished renovation on underwater tunnels. you can now see 13,000 sea creatures in 10 million gallons of water. the mayor of sydney hopes these renovations will bring more tourists to this city. >> very cool. like i need more reason to go to sydney. i'm dying to go to australia. >> add that to the list. >>> coming up at 4:41 on this tuesday morning. that chill in the air definitely again today. veronica johnson is in the stormcenter for what we can expect again today. >> a nice warmup for today. yesterday we hit a high of 70 deg degrees. today even milder. we're starting out chilly. so a light coat or jacket needed again. we're at 45 degrees. in our cooler spots in leesburg. 46 around sandy spring. and silver spring is our hometown city, under a clear sky at 48. by 1:00 today, 71 degrees as skies turn partly sunny. we're going to see an increase in cloud cover today. here's a look at your hour by hour forecast. 75 by 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 today. the next couple of days, 83 fo
Sep 15, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the movie outside the american consulate in sydney, on saturday. in cairo, demonstrations began officers cleared protesters from the cities where a concrete barrier blocks the entrance to the american embassy. violence spread to more than 20 countries ambassador chris stevens and three other americans died during an assault on the embassy in libya tuesday. >>> we must send a clear and resolute message those who attack our people will find no escape from justice >>> as demonstration subside altai that urges protesters to keep up attacks on u.s. embassies around the globe. >>> google said no to the white house when it was asked if it would reconsider its decision to keep the club on youtube google owns youtube and is censoring the video after blocking it in egypt and libya. it is restricting the video to comply with local law not as a response to political pressure in. a wildfire still burns near one of l a is cultural landmarks when firefighters expect to gain control. alert to san jose state students the incident prompted the warning and,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> one of l.a. is cultural landmark
Sep 16, 2012 12:00am EDT
. hundreds of people protested outside the u.s. consulate in sydney. fbi officials investigating the killings in been gauzy -- in benghazy have postponed the visit to libya until the violence subsides. protesters are raging over how an anti-islam film that this american filmmaker put out. he has been interviewed by authorities. in his weekly address, president obama promised to justice for those who killed u.s. ambassador to bolivia chris stevens and three other americans at the consulate. >> there's never any been ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans at the consulate. >> there's never any excuse for violence. so long as i am commander in chief, the united states will never tolerate efforts to harm our fellow americans. >> some say that tuesday's attack was planned. >> it was deliberate. i was given enough details of this by witnesses. >> they have no evidence that the attack was premeditated. but the scene of the first protest gives hope that other demonstrations will follow suit. >> that here at home, it has been nearly three weeks since the maryland teenager was foun
Sep 21, 2012 4:30am EDT
. the wait is over for the iphone 5. it's already in the hands of fans in sydney and hong kong. apple generates two thirds of its profits from the iphone. sun is looking to crashed the party. samsung makes use apple of patent infringement lawsuit over the new iphone. case may not go to trial until 2014, so don't worry. not likely to affect the availability. timeican airlines, its on- has tumbled to 54%, on a pilot shortage and increasing.issues baltimore washington pace toional is on the busiestitle as the d.c. baltimore area this year. a spokesperson attributes this to record trafficke passengers] record passenger traffic. back to you. >> thank you. robin roberts is recovering this following her bone marrow transplant. the surgery was to treat a rare disorder. some friends came over from the to visit after the will be all that for quite awhile. later today on gnma we will get doctor androm her will discuss the colleagues hospital room yesterday. later today on gma. >> it is 58 degrees. >> another weekend means more track work for m news overseas. protests over the release of the in p
Sep 24, 2012 4:30am EDT
swam laps at meadow brook. they raised moneys for the sydney kimmel comprehensive cancer center at johns hopkins. wyatt everhart was there. he has been doing this for three years. let's get a check of the forecast with lynette. >>> across the nation this morning, it's pretty quiet. as you head off towards the west, around the four corners, a few showers across the area, showers in to the state of new york and pennsylvania this morning. we have high pressure building in across the area for today. we will start off with a few clouds out there, i'm going to call it partly cloudy, we will see plenty of sunshine throughout the day. it's going to be a good one. it's a chilly start to the morning. m'sburg, 46 degrees, baltimore 56, 53 annapolis. 51 chesapeake beach. over to you meagan and charlie. >> the game had to be stopped because of a streaker. rest assured you have seen this guy before. >>> a fire started yesterday afternoon 65 miles east of san diego. one thousand acres burned, four different structures along the u.s. mexico border, they have been destroyed. two helicopters, fo
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 7:00pm PDT
things that we have been >> down there, australia has a large muslim population and in sydney there was a group of hundreds of muslim demonstrators who gathered outside the u.s. consultate. they were on the steps of the building and throwing shoes at the building and then refused to move when the police moved in. so that is when things got heated there. there was one officer hit in the head with a bottle. numerous protesters were injured and arrested by police who were using their clubs and pepper spray and even police dogs. in sydney, australia. it was an ugly clash. it has been welled for now but leading many to wonder what is next, where is next and how bad is this thing going to get? >> rick, thank you very much. >>> right now we are learning more about a situation that certainly tells us the danger for americans lurks right here at home. fbi agents arresting an 18-year-old man in chicago in a sting operation to stop him from doing great harm. they say he picked -- they picked him up after some internet postings he made. first his name. abdel. he is a u.s. citizen from hil
Sep 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
-american protests in more than a dozen countries so far. this morning we saw protests pop up in sydney, australia. turned violent with protesters clashing with police near the consulate. especially trained u.s. marines were sent to help beef up security. in benghazi, four americans were killed in the first few hours of the protests there. their bodies were returned to the u.s. on friday. cnn's senior international correspondent arwa damon visited the ruins of the destroyed consulate and she has more on what happened and why. >> amid the ash, soot and debris, remnants of a life that was and what it meant to those stationed here. scrawled on this sheet, libya is so important. traces of blood stained the walls. what is now a blackened ruin, was a pleasant compound in an upscale benghazi neighborhood. libyan officials say tuesday night's attack was planned by islamist militants and quickly overwhelmed the libyan and american guards. the compound's first line of defense easily breached. according to one of the libyan guards who was stationed at the gate, armed with only a radio, the assault happened s
Sep 15, 2012 11:00am PDT
in australia. hundreds of people demonstrated outside the u.s. consulate in sydney. the protest turned violent when police pushed back protesters from the consulate building. authorities used tear gas and police dogs to disperse the demonstrators, four people were hurt. and this was a scene in india. there were also protests in tunisia and afghanistan today. but cairo, egypt, a city rocked by violent protests earlier in the week today was quiet. here's a look at just how widespread the unrest has been. pros in more than a dozen countries this week, including libya. libyan officials believe islamic militants used it as a divergent to attack the consulate. we're live now in tripoli in the investigation. what have you learned? >> well, fredricka, it's starting to become clearer now the more officials are coming out and speaking about this. they're saying that the protests might not have even happened, might not have even taken place. that this was -- it seems to be a preplanned, premeditated attack by islamist groups, extremist groups that are operating in the eastern part of the country where th
Sep 15, 2012 10:00pm PDT
outside the u.s. embassy in sydney, local police used pepper spray on protesters one officer was hurt and carried away. some protesters carried signs that praised osama bin laden's. we get a clear picture of what happened to the moments after the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya charlie daggata shows as dozens of americans fled the building many were in the line of fire in a nearby safe house that was supposed to protect them. >>> the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi just the beginning of the terrifying night for americans. officials told us forces evacuate the 32 americans from the consulate as attackers storm the compound the libyan commander said a convoy of 22 vehicles raced from the u.s. consulate down the road to a safe house a mile and a half away the safe house they fled to which was supposed to be a secret location had become a target. >>> this is where they were attacking from >>> the u.s. extraction team of commandos arrived to take them to the airport the house came under heavy fire it was intense, a deadly and accurate. everywhere you look on the rooftop evid
Sep 14, 2012 7:00pm PDT
the woinside by side. mari sam nld, sydney. >>> the austraanar enurinthr panese counterparts to join talks on the transpacific partnership. australians are already taking part in the negotiations. t prime minister yoshihiko noda remains undecidedn whethejan ou jn e talks. >>> ldiapese optical equipment maker olympus is in final talks with sono fm broad alliance. olympus has been looking for a business partneroovercome financial difficulties. the company has run into financial trouble aftert s untoav hidden huge losses in the past. the yen's strength also sok s capital base. olympus is hoping to leave its ouedasehd as quickly as possible, while sy wants to make medical field new business pilar. e oirlao establish a joint company for developing the next generation medical eqpmt. the new firm would be taking advantage of the world's p-veendo scope technology of olympus and sony'sdvced imaging know-how. olympus plans to receive about $6 mli i investment from sony. th cpaes aim to reach an agreement by the end of this month. > ppl he died at a building site in central china after a constructio
Sep 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of the movie. in sydney, australia, a number of people were injured. while the global demonstrations spread, the focus for the u.s. government remains on the deadly attack during one of the first protests which happened on september 11th at the u.s. consulate in libya. >> the question is was this just a target of opportunity or was this something, yeah, that where support and direction from the outside -- >> reporter: a day after receiving the bodies of the four americans killed in that attack, president obama sent a signal to the world. >> those who attack our people will find no escape from justice. >> because of security concerns over anti-american violence a state department has ordered that all family members and non-essential u.s. government personnel from posts in sudan and tunisia leave. a travel warning has been issued to american citizens in those two countries. >> thank you very much, kimberly. >>> the taliban says the anti-muslim film is part of the reason for the attack on the camp in southern afghanistan on friday in which two u.s. marines were killed if group has claimed resp
Sep 15, 2012 5:30pm PDT
at yemen's charred u.s. embassy and western hotels. it wasn't all quiet. as far away as sydney, australia, hundreds protesters clashed with riot police outside the u.s. consulate saying america had defiled their religion. >> we are defending our prophet muhammed's honor. >> reporter: with the whole middle east in crisis pope benedict xvi offered a message of peace in beirut today on a rare visit to lebanon where he said people of different faiths now live together. but in the arab world, anger runs deeper than religion and america is a lightning rod. >> everyone has something against it. so whenever something relates to america happens, everyone is just all fired up. >> reporter: even after the arab spring which the u.s. embraced, america is disliked and mistrusted and not just by muslim militants. >> i think a lot of ordinary people also look at the u.s. and say, why do you support our dictators? >> reporter: some egyptians said they were beginning to change their minds about america until the anti-islam film clip appeared on the internet. now as american embassies and symbols become pri
Sep 26, 2012 4:00am PDT
coast. >>> one of australia's largest aquariums has reopened for business. sydney's sea life aquarium was closed for nine months during its $10 million refurbishment. it was worth the wait though with the main attraction being introduced called the shark walk. look how cool that is. it's a glass viewing area featuring over 50 of the ocean's largest predators. he's smiling. how large? well, some of the creatures had to be brought in by crane. >>> and finally, one sky driver's dream to become supersonic is about to become reality. felix baumgartner will attempt to break the world record for the highest altitude sky dive when he jumps from the edge of space on october 8th. a giant balloon will carry the 43-year-old in a space capsule 23 miles above new mexico where he's going to make his leap. he has successfully completed several test jumps in preparation for this. but, you know, it's like over achieving. isn't sky diving enough? do you have to make us look that bad? >> this guy is on the edge. i mean, he looked like an apollo astronaut. >> are you going to burst into "edge of glory," l
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. there are protests in sydney, australia. the pentagon sends extra forces to shore up security at u.s. embassies across the middle east. in yemen forces used water cannons against protesters. in cairo authorities bought the route to the u.s. embassy as protesters clashed with police. authorities having trouble keeping demonstrators out of the city center square. they're firing tear gas at the protesters into nietzsche smoke poured from the u.s. embassy after it was stormed and tore down the american flag. police battled back and two people killed. the body of the four americans killed in tuesday's attack in libya arrived back in the united states. nancy cordes shows us the emotional homecoming. ♪ >>> the remains of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others carried off a military plane into a hangar where the president and other dignitaries state department staffers and victims families waited. >>> a difficult week for the state department and for our country. >>> an emotional secretary clinton paid tribute to each man. >>> sean smith joined the state department after six years in the air f
Sep 15, 2012 6:00pm PDT
place in both sydney, australia, and paris today. but overall, the there was an evening of the muslim protests that at their height reached more than 20 countries. elizabeth palmer reports from cairo, it took more than just one offensive video to spark that violence. >> reporter: there's no doubt this is genuine fury. protesters of the u.s. embassy in tunis even tore down the stars and stripes to hoist the fundamentalist islamic flag. across the muslim world, anti-american anger fueled a destructive frenz theweek. and where there was no embassy, the mobs went for american symbols. in tripoli, lebanon, a kfc and a hardee's restaurant of torched and in tunis, a highly respected american school overrun and looted. but was it really a clumsy u.s.-made film that caused all this? in fact, says mohammed sabreem, editor of egypt's al ahram newspaper, the real roots lie much deeper. >> i think american foreign policy for a long, long time was doing a lot of harm. >> reporter: in egypt, for example, american long supported the widely despised president hosni mubarak, what was toppled by a popul
Sep 15, 2012 11:00pm PDT
saturday police used pepper spray to push back demonstrators outside the american consulate in sydney in cairo were demonstrations began officers cleared protesters now a concrete barrier blocks the entrance to the american embassy. demonstrations erupted in more than 20 countries in the past week ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans died in an assault on the u.s. consulate tuesday. president obama is calling on all nations to protect american serving overseas. >>> we send a clear message to the world and one newest the tax our people will not escape willijustice >>> portola geraldine l. cbs news >>> a new look at the consulate in benghazi a rocket-propelled grenade ignited a fire u.s. ambassador christopher 79th at stephens died of smoke inhalation in his bedroom he considered the bay area home. four libyans arrested in connection with the attack. google denied a request by the white house to remove the movie clips from youtube ink blot the video in parts of the middle east because it violated local laws google says it does not violate its terms of service regardi
Sep 18, 2012 12:00pm PDT
down to sydney australia. it has been a long couple of days. the united airlines flight could not take off for two nights in a row because of a mechanical problem on the airplane. passengers did find flights on other airlines while others took hotel and meal vouchers from united. a different united plane was brought in from chicago and took off about three hours ago. >> new developments in the princess although scandal, the big victory for the royal family and a fight to get rid of topless photographs of kate middleton. >> we have delays at sfo of over an hour, things clearing out lots of prepaid cards comeut pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card with no-fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. and no headaches, hassles or confusion. all for one flat monthly fee. get rid of prepaid problems. >> what are you doing frank? >> let's get right to meet guys. >> around the bay area we have a lot of sunshine showing up outside, we started out with plenty of clouds early on, you can see the breeze blowing as we look at mt. diablo, plenty of
Sep 21, 2012 4:00am PDT
phone went on sale first in sydney, australia where 600 people waited in line some for as long as three days. among those was apple co-founder. apple will ship 10 million iphones by the end of the month. it comes with the new map feature but being criticized for having geographical misinformation, misplaced landmarks. apple said the map service will get better as more people use it. markets overseas rallied thanks to gains by technology and oil shares. tokyo's nikkei gained a quarter percent while hang seng added half of a percent. wall street stocks ended weaker. the dow jones industrials average gained about 19 points thursday while the nasdaq lost six points. a senate investigation found major u.s. companies such as microsoft and hewlett packard have shifted profits offshore to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes. microsoft shifted assets to puerto rico and abroad, saving more than $4 billion in taxes. both companies say they are complying with u.s. tax law. democrats and republicans have been at odds over how to stop companies from stashing profits abroad tax-free. new evidenc
Sep 20, 2012 6:30pm PDT
la universidad sydney australia indica que en los Último 13 aÑos nÚmeros de mujer embarazadas diagnosticada con cÁncer ha aumentado notablemente el estudio mÁs reciente en 2007 demostrÓ que de cada cien mil mujer embarazadas 192 diagnosticada con cÁncer en comparaciÓn con 94 cuando se diagnosticaron es 112. >>> se esta diagnosticando mÁs por quÉ, porque estamos mÁs alerta tratando de descubrir algo mÁs no sÓlo ver a la mujer embarazada por el niÑo si no como un paciente en general. >>> otros factores, es que la mujer de hoy pospone por mÁs tiempo el salir embarazada, en cuanto aries gos de tratamiento. >>> se ha descubierto que dar quimioterapia no afecta al niÑo o feto de la paciente. se ha visto muchos casos de mujeres embarazadas que estÁn en tratamiento incluso, veces cirugÍa en embarazo y el niÑo viene bien. >>> mi ideal tener mÁs bebes antes de los 35 aÑos. telemundo. >>> en nueva york el alcalde bloomberg anuncio que el programa new york citizen chips funcionarÁ en escuelas pÚblicas lanzÓ el programa en 2011 para ayudar a empleados de la ciudad y su
Sep 25, 2012 4:00pm PDT
are trying to artificially inseminate crocodiles. our correspondent reports from sydney. >> it is what you might call a delicate task. extracting out of a fully grown and uncooperative crocodile. scientists are removing this even from 10 mails to artificially impregnated her around 40 females. if they left it to nature, they often attack females and killing them while damaging their valuable skins. >> we will change the nature of this time. the way, we can have a brilliant girls. we will simply inseminate them every year, and that as that. >> it has taken them a year to work out the income that anatomy of a crocodile and to develop a safe technique for removing the seamen. it is described as a kind of tickling process. >> it is a scam production industry and a lot of the skins are going out. things like that. there are plenty of some types of crocodiles, others are on the endangered list. there is also a conservation project. >> there is a bit of trouble out there as far as the crocodile world is concerned. we think this type of technology will have an application. >> it could be a few mon
Sep 2, 2012 6:37pm PDT
. >> hello. my name is sydney hodgkin's in. i have been a victim in this city, and i've been at a few of these hearings. with ethics selling question, such as been the ethics of ross mirkarimi, i do not see how we can be an adequate representative of our city. it is hard for me to speak to you all, but coming from the perspective that i do, as people mentioned before, when it is something such as coming forward about what has transpired, there should be no question at the head of our police department what the ethics of that person are. thank you for evaluating this case closely, and please consider that. >> good afternoon. my name is orchid. i'm here with some of my co- workers from the women's shelter behind me. i want to thank you for your work. i also want to say that i want to offer you the opportunity with arms open, and in part, pleading with you to restore my faith and trust in the city of san francisco. i want to let you know that i will and we will lose our pride in the city if the person who is the key figure for public safety, andk ensuring that the system of responsibilit
Sep 3, 2012 3:07am PDT
everywhere. i remember some movies called guess who's coming to have dinner tonight with sydney party. i remember i said to my parents -- i was 12. if i come with a black girl, what will you say? and they say, if you love her, that is perfect for you. years after when it told them what i could say about the fact was going with a guy, they said if you love each other, that is wonderful. so i think i was lucky to have parents like that. very modern. very open-minded. unlike for some, there's no question of religion, of color of skin, or anything like that. people can be all beautiful. it depends on who they are, but it is not a question of color. for me, both of us were beautiful. and i loved color. color of the skin. tattoo on the skin, which is a kind of color. some blue colors that you add. and i wanted to show that. when i started, i remember that there were some beautiful girls. they're beautiful. but i felt like, ok, but there is also beauty. i have a girlfriend which was modeling for me that i met very early when i started that was from a french colony. she was beautiful and black a
Sep 24, 2012 5:30pm EDT
insiie two monorail cars in sydney.the heat reaching one hundred degrees inside the cars before rescuers could pry the doors open and begin removing the passengers.those stranded say they started to orry that heat.everyone was word on what caused the outage. 3&neil armstrong ... is.. of course... known... for hhs historic walk... on the moon .../ but... today... he... was also honored... for his missions... closer to earth. the... navy announced ...a... new class of research vessels... will be named... in prmstrong's honor...///.the... vessels... are expected... to be... 238- feet long,.../ will... carry... on- boord labs.../ and... come... deeked out with equipment... ttat can map ...the deepest parts... of the oceans...///. neil armstroog... flew... nearly... 80... combat missions... during the korean war... as... a... naval aviator...//. he died ... last month... at the age of 82. it was a night of glitz and excitment... as the television industry celebrated its top programs at the 64th annual prime-time emmy awards. a
Sep 13, 2012 11:00pm EDT
that state delegate sydney austin and state prosecutors have reached an agreement to resolve the two criminal cases against alston without going to call. she is accused of using campaign funds to buy a wedding dress and using taxpayer money to pay an employee at her law firm. the lawyer for anne arundel county executive john leopold is asking for testimony allowing -- alleging gender discrimination by his client because that project to be tossed out. the called the recent lawsuit immaterial and impertinent. they said the claims contained only sensationalized allegations about irrelevant matters and here say. leopold and three other men are charged with improper conduct and sexual harassment creating a hostile workplace. b. d is answering that state regulators about the response during the june derecho. >> what are they asking from the utility to avoid long power outages in the future? >> an earthly prayer well, more on the touching tribute to the first men on the moon, neil armstrong. >> another beautiful day but a cold front out near chicago is headed this way. right now under mostly clear s
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
watching nadine. sydney thymol an hour winds. it expected to remain a category one -- 75 mph winds. still expected to remain a category one storm. beautiful weather the middle of next week. >> stick around for a late night with jimmy fallon. >> hey everyone in baltimore. hugh laurie is here. plus jj abrams. >> and check on the orioles. so far, so good. they had sold possession of fir. >> this is 11 sports. >> a cross-country flight to face the hottest team in baseball. for these birds, nothing seemed to get in their way. game 1 of a monster series. you do not have to wear the hat protection. it is ok. text out -- strikes out. jj hardy. hard shot to 3rd. steven, nice effort. 1-0. orioles with the lead. bottom 4th. not fooled this time. 2 run shot. no easy feat. in the bottom of the fence, game is fence2-2. the rays and the yankees in the bronx. tampa try to bounce back tonight. david price gives of # 3284. jeter passes willie mays but no win for the yanks. the boss man, junio upton. 23 rd of the season. the orioles by a half-game in sole possession of first base. the ravens defense. ray le
Sep 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
to the north of sydney. they are normally found hundreds of miles north of there. >> we have not seen them before. they are not from this area. to have somebody didn't is quite serious. he is extremely lucky to still be alive. >> before we take a break, a reminder of our top story. health-care workers in madrid have been protesting as the spanish government is presenting a new budget on thursday intended to make further reduction in its -- and stabilize the burden of accumulated debt. there is speculation in financial markets about whether state will seek a new eurozone bailout. the financial markets started to show new concern about spain. that is all for the moment. stay with us. >> make sense of international news at >> funding for this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wi
Sep 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
. she wants a reinforcing of mining interests. duncan kennedy, bbc news in sydney. >> he said the comments were controversial and there's been a strong reaction on our facebook to what she said. many of you are clearly angry about comments. many of you suggested that she try working or living on $2 per day. romeo says for a lady who inherited her well, maybe it would maker realize how hard it really is. and then tiffany in australia says that she is embarrassed by the remarks and wants to stress that she's not a typical perfection of australian values. roger and daniel saying that while they hate the idea, many communities would be a lot worse off if it were not for cheap labor. i'm not sure what the logic is right there, but those are the comments. britain post-intelligencer community is warning senior business leaders to take the threat of cyber attacks more seriously. it is estimated that computer hacking is causing up to tens of billions of pounds of damages as well as undermining confidence in online services. our security correspondent is joining me now in the studio. i
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